Challenging Year comes to an End with Revival in Sight
May 17, 2016
Internal Press Release

Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys (IMFA), India’s leading fully integrated producer of value added chrome, today announced its Q4 and FY16 results for the period ended March 31st, 2016.

Highlights of FY16 vs FY15
• Revenue of Rs 1211.30 crores vs Rs 1344.79 crores
• Exports of Rs 1057.15 crores vs Rs 1064.37 crores
• EBIDTA before exceptional items of Rs 129.59 crores vs Rs 262.90 crores

Highlights of Q4 FY16 vs Q4 FY15
• Revenue of Rs 203.86 crores vs Rs 403.19 crores
• Exports of Rs 173.88 crores vs Rs 330.04 crores

Business Highlights of FY16
• Ferro Chrome production of 188,849 tonnes as compared to 205,203 tonnes
• Sales of 193,302 tonnes vs 205,478 tonnes
• Exports of 170,685 tonnes vs 168,725 tonnes
• Power generation of 858 MU vs 914 MU
• Commencement of underground mining in Mahagiri with successful stope blasting

Commenting on the results Mr Subhrakant Panda, MD & CEO, IMFA said: “The year under review in general and the last quarter in particular has been very challenging and severely impacted financial performance. However, unsustainable prices has brought about a rapid rebalancing and with stimulus measures in China taking effect along with appreciation of the SA Rand, the worst seems to be behind us. We are confident of a sustained - though somewhat bumpy - recovery.”

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