about us
Dr Bansidhar Panda (1931-2018)
Founder & Chairman Emeritus, IMFA

It is through action (without attachment) alone that wise men have reached perfection. In the same way, it is proper that you should take action keeping an eye on universal welfare.

Bhagwad Gita, Chapter III, Verse 20

"When I was working in the United States of America as a research scientist, every moment of my professional life I experienced the power of applied science transforming that nation and its people from obscurity to excellence in many instances and in every human endeavour. I dreamt a pure and panoramic view of realising such a transformation for my country in general and my impoverished State of Odisha in particular. When I got an opportunity to pursue my dream I had no hesitation in disengaging myself from my important assignments and returned with a mission to work towards and assist in building a modern, vibrant Odisha.

Promoting IMFA, whether in the most backward tribal area of India or near the cultural centre of the State, is only a small but important aspect of my vision. As a scientist, I have pursued the Gandhian principle of changing as many lives I interact with as possible although the limitations of such a principle are severe even in the land of Gandhi. But, a vision lasts forever….."

Starting with a desire to contribute to Odisha's development through industrialisation, we are now aiming higher. Our renewed vision is to:

  • Grow in terms of scale, scope & geography
  • Build an organisation which is admired for its talent
  • Influence by way of being the leader in our chosen businesses